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Parable upon a parable

upon a certain Jesus, his brother Judas and their father -

By Per-Olof Johansson, DK


Danish version with supplements

marginŠper-olof johansson

Long ago and faraway, there was a man, who had two sons Judas and Jesus.

Judas was out-turned and practical with control of money matters, so it was quite naturally, that he, when he grew up, soon was engaged in running the family farm. Jesus could not quite well find his place in the context and therefore felt a desire for an exploration of the world.

After the rules and laws at that time, you could beg your father give you the inheritance just now, which else first was expected to be given to you at your fathers dead. So he did, and the father had no objections but paid him the statutory inheritance. Obviously he could not imagine either, that the future of Jesus was staying at home.

Jesus went abroad, and naturally it was not without the expectation that he some day could return from his Grand Tour with big results or should create some kind of business, which should give resonance at home. He went along with many studies and got far with those, but not far enough. For there were many feasts besides the studies and many yes-men, so as years passed his fortune crumbled away and only the simplest work at the farms outside the town was available to him – look after the pigs and live on the same food as they did.

Many stimulants and surely also many occasionally female acquaintances kept him far from facts until he one day alas among the pigs clearly realized, he had hit the bottom. All the pride he had, when he left home had disappeared and where he at that time couldn’t imaging himself as a number two for the rest of his lifetime, he now saw, that he should be better of as number zerozero at the family precincts.

So he let pigs be pigs and turned his nose homewards. Now it wasn’t a neighborhood with many trees, so far I know, so from far away he saw the workers at the fields of his father, and recognized in spite of the many years spend abroad his brother Judas too. Ashamed he greeted Judas and told how life had been and looked forward with patience to his reproaches.

He was therefore quite astonished at his brothers’ undisguised happiness seeing him, in spite of his poor condition. Judas immediately sends one of the workers home to the farm, so he could slaughter the fatted calf, for now they had to celebrate. And when they arrived together to the farm Judas said to the servants: ”Quick! Fetch a robe, my best one, and put it on him; put  ring on his finger and shoes on his feet. For Jesus was as dead and has come back to life; he was lost and is found.“ And the festivities began. Their father had been at town and he was very surprised, seeing what was going on, and although Judas gave him the explanation, it endured some time before he could came over and welcome Jesus with an embracement. At last he had to give the joy way for meeting again, which totally had overwhelmed the others.

How life went on the next many years the story don’t tells, and that is surely because every days life returned, and that is what we know by ourselves.



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