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Splint basket gallery3

Pictures with splint baskets

My brother Stig brought this young lady originally from 19xx with him home from USA.


The Danish 'Directorate of Food' trying in the year 2000 to teach us to eat more vegetables - with a splint basket from around 1945. The basket is made of beech in a time where you could not get the real material pine from Sweden.
A big splint basket on a Swedish can - the year I do not know
One of my photos used as cover on the historical magazine 'Siden Saxo' 2000. It is a part from a the photo from Allerød 1902


How to do it - a book by Else Marie Pedersen. You can read my review of the book in Hemslöjden 3/2000: Korgflätning på danska [Else Marie Pedersen: Kurveflet]


See the photo at Royal Library, Copenhagen From a Christmas arrangement by Politiken by the photograhper Damgaard 1938